Friday, June 11, 2010

I know I'm not Alice but.

I am falling further and further into the Rabbit hole.  I watched a video yesterday at  This video was well developed and has things in it that I always thought was someone’s fantasy.  There is so much evidence produced there that I’m not able to pull myself completely out of the rabbit hole.  And now I’ve watched this one called 9-11 Loose Change and I’ve slipped further in.  Any residuals of trust I had in the government have just about been destroyed.  Maybe we are misguided in trying to change the government from the inside.



Is anyone looking at the numbers here? Am I looking at them wrong? In the article Tony sent out the other day the president says “we consume more than 20 percent of the world's oil, but have less than two percent of the world's oil reserves”. From the government’s own website (, we import approximately 350,000 barrels of oil a month. Now (by the governments own estimates, this ONE bad BP well in the gulf of Mexico is spewing out what could be “as high as 40,000 barrels of oil daily”.

The only reason we are so dependent on foreign oil is that our government is using oil imports to spread our nation’s wealth. This isn’t because we don’t have domestic reserves because if it were we would have been drilling that well instead of British Petroleum in international waters. Do you not think we could muster the domestic resources to drill in the gulf of Mexico?

Our government has been on a course of globalization for decades, global monetary system, global government, global military. Once globalization occurs and we have one government, one monetary system then why would we need a military at all, who would we fight, ourselves? Who would the sheep herders (leaders) be, who would decide how the herds got culled. Ted Turner once said the optimal world population (herd) size would be about 2 billion, who decides what happens to the other 4.5 to 5 billion of us? Ted Turner? George Soros? Bill Gates?

In the wild it works out to be survival of the fittest, in domestic herds the farmer selects the strongest and best producing and culls out the rest, all done for the good of the herd? Not really, domestically it’s all done for the good of the farmer because naturally the herd would take care of itself.

Our freedoms won’t be taken in a frontal attack, they will be taken by international treaties and hidden groups of the elite.