Saturday, March 13, 2010

Climate Science---Political Science

I’ve been wondering what it is that makes the world-go-round.  First I thought it was money (and in a way it may be).  Then I thought it was power (and in a way it may be).  Then I thought it was ego (and in a way it may be).  Then I realized that they all go hand in hand so I thought I’d just invent a new word that sums it up…came up with assholes (sorry couldn’t think of a new word that is a better fit).

First I watch Presidential appointee Rattner (the car czar) and he orders 789 Chrysler dealerships closed, not because of anything you might think but because of the 789, 788 of the dealerships donated exclusively to the Republican Party…this just bodes well for getting Obama re-elected, keep the dealerships open that supported you and close the ones that didn’t.  Now throw on top of that little incident, the gift to the UAW of a 55% control of the corporation and you have a sure fire bet with Chrysler, which the President does not want the government to control (yeah right).  Well Rattner resigned his position because he wanted to spend more time with his family (couldn’t be because of kickback investigations now could it?).

Next we go to Climate Science.  Why would these people want their observations to support global warming…oops, climate change?  Well when you are on the bus with “climate change” you get tenure in your organization, when you don’t, you don’t.  So could it be the triad here…money, power, ego?  The more you support the government position (and it could be warming, cooling or pink daffodils) the more grant money the school gets.  The more grant money the school gets, the more power you get to choose who stays and who goes, and the more you feed your ego.

I’m thinking I need to support a study on how handsome, sexy and outwardly wonderful old bald men are…


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