Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jon Scott Ashjian

Well I watched the segment on John Ralston’s face to face tonight, not only am I not impressed, he appears to be just what I guessed he was when I first heard about this, a slick used car salesman. 

I don’t see someone that is committed to helping this country, what I see is someone who is our to maintain the status quo.  He is a contractor and if Harry can funnel stimulus money into this state he will benefit. 


He may be the most conservative person on the planet but if he is that committed to the ideals as he says he is, then why start a new party ‘The Tea Party’, why not just file as an independent or a libertarian.  This is a move to cash in on the tea party movement without putting any work into it…


So far I don’t believe this guy for a minute and with any steam at all he will be a spoiler.




We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.

Thomas Jefferson



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  1. This proves two things. First, how absolutely frightened the Left and the moderate Right are of the Constitutional Conservative Patriotic movement known as the Tea Party and it also speaks to it's popularity.

    We have this fake Nevada Tea Party Party. We also have the fake Tea Party Convention run by Judson Philips. We also have another fake Tea Party in Florida. Wherever the Constitutional Conservatives has had success, We can expect our fair share of kooks, Leftists and RINOs to follow. It just goes with the territory and we must identify and stop these people before they can do any real harm.

    The optimistic leftist media tells us that as much as 10% of our membership can be fooled by this ploy, so we must constantly be on guard against the factions of both the Republican Party that think they can dilute our resolve and the Socialists who hate the fact that we even exist.

    We are in a war for the soul of our Nation and the stakes have never been higher.