Friday, March 19, 2010

Climate Change has little to do with Science

As I’ve been watching over the past few years, I’ve come to believe that our climate is changing.  Though I’m not convinced that 1) we have caused it and 2) that we can do much about it.  I do however see the differences in the air quality over San Diego, Las Vegas and other big cities as a positive outcome of efforts made by people to clean up their act.  Do I want our efforts on living greener to fail?  No I don’t.  Do I want our government’s efforts on climate change to fail?  Yes I do. 

Herein lies the problem with government enacted climate change laws, health care laws, social security laws…on and on…it is the government mandating that we do it.  The trust in our government has reached an all time low and to have them pass a cap and trade system, congers up images of taxes being used to build a bridge to nowhere, or an ice skating rink in the Bahamas, or a rope ladder to the moon.  It “ain’t-a-gonna” happen and we are going to pay exorbitant taxes to make it not happen.  That is our government’s history, put a huge costly program in place and then mismanage it.

I read an article on Ed Begley Jr. who is an environmentalist and a climate change supporter, I won’t bash him for his beliefs because I believe almost the same way he does about our environment.  If we live simply and conserve our planet, it will take care of us forever.  If however we try to manage the care of our planet through the government it won’t work.  We need to convince people to take care of it themselves.  Education on sustainable living, conservation of our environment and rewards for innovative, ecologically sound thinking.  

So now to my point, this whole post has been about government control of climate change so the ‘science’ of climate change has taken the back seat.  I think it’s time to get the government out of climate change and get the science and the individual back in.


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