Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saturday Morning

Well I guess we would have to say all day. It if finally here!!! I am, of course, talking about the Clark County Republican Party Convention. This Convention is where we will select the delegates that will travel to the State Convention and help shape the Republican Party for our national elections. I'm looking forward to it because in Clark County we have seen a complete takeover of the local party by conservatives. If you want to call them Tea Partiers, feel free, if you want to call them radicals, feel free, if you want to call them just about anything, feel free...and that is the point, those of us that got involved in this takeover want to 'feel free'. In order to 'feel free' in this country we need to get together and take the check book away from the federal government.

Saturday the 20th of March we will be 'drawing blood' again within the Republican Party, we will be once again making a conservative voice heard in this state, with the help of all of the grassroots activists we will be making national news.


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