Friday, March 5, 2010

I have been looking at my Google Alerts and...

I find that the Congress is moving to limit the EPA's ability to put a cap-and-trade(tax) in place. Though the bills being presented now does not limit their ability to limit auto emissions it does limit their ability to regulate the power plants in this country. In other words they may be able to drive up the price of gas by their regulations but not our power bills (if it gets passed) the if in prenthises is a huge if because our President will surely veto the bill because its his plan to have the EPA regulate if the Congress can't come together on it.

Next I've read about the SCCC or Students for Concealed Carry on Campus have been being shut down on campuses across the country because the school doesn't like the message. See the article at . This isn't a fight about carrying guns on campus as much is it is about suppression of the students First Amendment rights...they don't even want them talking about carrying guns on campus.

Again the gun control advocates are jumping on the band wagon of 'If he didn't have access to a gun then he couldn't have wounded the two police officers at the Pentagon', well maybe not from the distance he chose to shoot them but he still could have done damage. If I were intent on doing bodily harm to someone, police officer or private citizen, I could shoot them, get close and stab them with a knife, get close and stab them with a screw driver, plant explosives and blow them up, poison them, stick a needle in their brain...ok so maybe I'm belaboring the point a little, after all Rose ain't fat because of a spoon, she would eat if it had to be with her bare hands. To further that logic, if I wanted to kill you, it wouldn't be because I owned a gun.

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  1. Completely agree. Here in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, a man ran down the street with an axe and by the time it was over, an infant had been killed and the mother critically injured. Anything can be a weapon.

    Gun don't kill people, people kill people.