Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Looks like a great blog!

Glad to see a blog where people can share their ideas!

My main issue is illegal immigration and getting my fellow Nevadans to recognize that many of the people who claim to be against it are really only paying us lip service. If you take the time to really look into what many of the people currently running for office stand for on this issue, you'll soon discover they tell us all one thing, but have "very cozy ties" with groups and organizations who totally support amnesty. The main goal of many of the Hispanic/Latino groups here in Las Vegas is to get Hispanics elected to public office in order to promote the "Hispanic Community's" agenda.

I would hate for anyone to confuse my stance on this issue as being discriminatory or racist; that is the farthest thing from the truth. I happen to be Hispanic myself, but my blood runs Red, White and Blue. I'm just a little tired of people assuming someone is racist because they want this country's immigration laws enforced. America's immigration laws aren't "broken" like our government wants us to believe; they just refuse to enforce them.

I have a lot of information on this topic that I would be happy to share, so if you're interested or have a question on this issue, feel free to contact me thru this blog. I'll be posting things regarding this topic from time to time. Has anyone watched the news on Telemundo or Univision lately? VERY INTERESTING!! By the way, I'm a fluent Spanish-speaker too!!


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  1. Thanks for posting, I am hopeful we can get some things going here to spark some interest and comments. I will continue to try and promote the site.