Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just because you can does that make you more likely to?

Concealed carry gives you the ability to ‘shoot it out’ with law enforcement but because you ‘can’ do a thing doesn’t mean you ‘will’ do a thing.  I have known, and still know, many people who have concealed carry permits and down to the very last one they are law abiding citizens who would never consider a ‘shootout’ with law enforcement.  Most (if not all) train so they can be ready when the need arises to have to defend themselves or their families, they can, so far none that I know have felt the need to have to defend themselves from law enforcement. 

Don’t ever think that couldn’t change.  The more egregious the legislation the federal government passes the more likely it will become that we have to defend ourselves from tyranny.  When a time comes that our happiness depends on pleasing the government masters, unless we ate totally unarmed we will face the possibility that we will have to defend ourselves and our families from law enforcement who have chosen to abandon the Constitution and stand with a tyrannical government.

The identification of those people, the identification of the time, the identification of the place, and the realization that your life is almost certainly forfeit will only be borne by the individual.  Only when the freedom for my children outweighs the value of my life will that come to pass.  I love life and as long as I have a peaceful recourse to fight what I perceive are injustices I will continue to fight through those channels, besides my oldest is a socialist by choice so fighting for his freedoms isn’t in the cards today.


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  1. My intro speech in my CCW classes starts off with, "This class is intended to be used by law abiding citizens, folks like you and me", and although the VPC - Violence Policy Center makes note of those CCW holders that kill police or other people (EXTREMELY SMALL percentage), they don't tell you that most likely that person to begin with was a criminal.

    I hope we never get to a point where we have to defend our homes and ourselves from a tyrannical government but one thing I can say - In working in the public safety area for nearly 5 years, I had a senior fire fighter tell me that if we had here, the same thing that happened in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, well over HALF of all public safety workers won't even show up for work, they'll be protecting they're families.