Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Titus and her campaign

I’m amazed that the SEIU is spending so much advertising cash on the “Thank you Dina Titus” adds I’m seeing all over the place online.  Could it be because SEIU sees the health care bill as the first step in getting rid of the Cadillac insurance plans and porting all healthcare over to the taxpayer.  SEIU along with other unions have these plans that are costing them a fortune, when the government taxes these plans at a higher rate the owners of the plans will want to downgrade or change their coverage.  If this bill that passed is like the one I read (and after reading 1500 pages of the first one I couldn’t force myself to read 2700 pages of this one), when they make a change to their plan they may be forced into the government plan…single payer here we come.




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