Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lets much money do we have.

I’ve decided to give 50 bucks to every worthy charity I can find.  To start with I’m going to identify the ones I can find in my home state of Nevada, more to the point, the Vegas Valley;
Ok so maybe 50 bucks was a little over the top seeing as how I haven’t gotten through the first two pages from Las Vegas Charities…well maybe 10 bucks…;-)
Ok so it ain’t gonna happen…hopefully I can make a point here though.  We are the citizens of the United States of America, we have been a free people for over 200 years, free to choose what charities we decide are worthy of our hard earned cash, free to decide if and when we give money to people in need.  Just look at the numbers of non-profits in our country, if we were not a charitable people do you think those non-profits would exist in these numbers?  The problem I see is that I no longer feel like I can donate to charities that I feel are worthwhile.  The federal and state government continues to increase my taxes to give my money to people that THEY (whoever they are) think needs it the most.  As it turns out, it isn’t even who they think needs it the most, it is whatever lobbyist gives THEM the most that gets my charity…sorry but I can’t think of a better, socially acceptable word for it.  The problem is now I don’t reap the benefits of giving…you remember, that good feeling you get when you do something you believe is good…the government is stealing that from us.
I love this country, I’ve lost my love for this government.
P.S. I’ve decided to stick with my chosen couple of charities to support, at least until the government takes more of my money.

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