Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ok so here is another one...Starbucks OK with guns in store

I don’t drink a Venti Double Mocha Latte Cappuccino or any other Starbucks coffee (I don’t drink coffee at all or I’m sure I would) but I do applaud their stand on the Law.  I just hope they stick to their ‘guns’ so to speak.  Starbucks has issued a statement that they don’t want to get in the middle of the ongoing gun debate in this country and I don’t blame them.  I do say though, and you may find this strange, that the Brady Campaign is right in jumping on this band wagon. 
Starbucks didn’t want to be involved in the gun debate and was willing to let whatever state law that provided over the carry of firearms prevail in their stores.  Gun owners didn’t let that happen naturally, and someone at a Starbucks saw a couple of good ol’ boys going to the range, wanting that Cappuccino before (or after) they went, and it made that 'someone' nervous so they pushed it into the media.  Well at that point if gun owners had left well enough alone, Starbucks would have issued their statement and it wouldn’t be getting this attention, the Brady Campaign might not be trying to push Starbucks into taking a pro-gun control stance.  Nice try, gun owners but I get the feeling that this one may backfire, we need to be more careful what we ask for.

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