Thursday, March 18, 2010

My postings

I have been as busy as a ‘one legged Indian in an ass kicking contest’ and haven’t had time to write too much.  When I do get time I find that I’m torn between Gun Control, Illegal Immigration, Politics, Climate Change, Human Rights / Constitutional Rights etc.  While I would like to be able to write something about all of them every night I find it almost impossible so I’m going to hopefully back off a little.  I will let the other authors cover their interests on this site and I’ll try to focus on only one or two.  I’m going to choose Politics and Climate Change.  Climate change is big enough I’m sure, but I can’t get away from the Politics so I’ll have two really big ones.  In general Politics will also cover illegal immigration, Gun Control, Human Rights / Constitutional Rights etc. but if the other authors start posting on the site I’ll stay away from those topics.

Look forward to a post this weekend on the Health Care bill that is getting (or not getting) voted on this weekend.  BTW, it’s a bad bill and one that will cost us dearly if it passes.




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