Monday, March 8, 2010

A six year old

This story (,2933,588183,00.html)  is a sign of what our school system has become.  Really, suspend a kindergartner for curling up his hand and making an imaginary gun.  I’m sorry our liberal schools have to make this into something it isn’t.  First this six year old kid probably has zero understanding of what a gun would really do to another person, second he is trying to play with classmates.  This suspension is nothing more than liberals pushing an agenda of no tolerance of guns of any kind.  If he had made a shadow puppet of a rabbit getting eaten by a fox would he have gotten suspended?  Not likely because the liberals teaching in our schools don’t really know that animals kill other animals, remember they are the ones that don’t like hunting because they can go to the supermarket and get their meat so animals don’t have to be injured.

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