Thursday, April 8, 2010

A comment about a lengthy article

The article at which is waaaaay more lengthy than any normal human being should have to read and the synopsis of it here prompted me to write a quick note which follows here;

It is interesting to see that... "4. Conservatives: Their obstinate resistance to the science of climate change and the economic tools for tackling it does not mesh with the rest of their worldview."  but does not bring into focus the Liberals 'Obstinate resistance' to the possibility that the science may in fact be skewed.  I am willing to listen to arguments to improve our climate, I recycle 'almost' everything I can, I want my vehicles to run well and not cause any undue pollution, I want a clean and sustainable planet for my kids and grandkids to inherit. 

What I don't want is the government to cap-and-trade or cap-and-tax our economy into such a state that my grandkids will starve or not be able to survive.  Common sense here...has the government ever run anything successfully?  The author 'Krugman' cites the acid rain emissions standards as a success but when those laws were passed it didn't include the government being involved in the rationing of 'credits' or trading in the 'taxes' end of it.  If the laws could be passed that keep the government out of it I may have a different view of climate change legislation (the legislation would have to convince me on its own merit), but until then, anyone promoting cap-and-trade or tax can just start the car, sitting in the garage that they are not using, and breath in that wonderful carbon monoxide until they drift off into a most peaceful sleep.

I tried to post this on the sites mentioned above but logging in proved distasteful in my present state of mind so I just linked the reading material so you could make your own decisions about reading it.



"let every man remember that to violate the law, is to trample on the blood of his father"

Abraham Lincoln


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