Friday, April 9, 2010

Open Carry Article in Las Vegas

An interesting and lengthy article on open carry here in Southern Nevada.

I'm not sure if Nevada will adopt what some other states are doing and that's IF YOU HAVE A CONCEALED HANDGUN PERMIT, you could lose your permit if you open carry. They're stance is, "You have a concealed permit and that means the handgun MUST be concealed. Otherwise, we revoke your permit"

Here's the link, you might have to paste it into your browser.

Check it out folks. One thing you could do for your safety is vehicle carry IF you have a way to secure the handgun after leaving your vehicle. You don't need a permit to have a handgun in your vehicle. In Nevada, your vehicle is an extension of your home and you are allowed to carry one in your vehicle. Only thing I would do is make sure it's NOT concealed in the vehicle while you are in there as well.

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