Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lautenberg Amendment??? Really???

I was pouring over my Google alerts this morning, which I try to do every day (but don’t always get there) and I ran across a gem, The ‘Lautenberg Amendment’;  The Lautenberg Amendment was an amendment attached to the ‘Gun Control Act of 1968’ by one or “our” representatives named Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) which in a nutshell takes our second amendment right to ‘keep and bear arms’ away from us for the slightest of infractions.  In states like ours where the domestic abuse laws have forced law enforcement to make an arrest if they are called to a domestic situation, the arrested person, be it the husband or wife, son or daughter, grandmother or grandfather, significant other or roommate will lose their 2nd amendment rights under the Constitution of the United States.  This amendment, while it may have originated with the best of intentions, has some of the most egregious (hopefully) un-intended consequences.  For instance a 21 year old girl still living at home gets in a shouting match with her mother or father (I know, it would never happen, but bear with me), the police are called and have to make an arrest.  Now being the dutiful officers that most of our law enforcement officers are they try and defuse the situation, even knowing someone is going to jail, and the daughter, who is young full of energy and is ‘never wrong’ throws her car keys in the direction of the parent…pop she goes to jail for domestic abuse.  For the rest of her life, I’ll repeat for clarity’s sake “FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE” she will not be permitted to own a firearm, buy ammunition, go hunting or protect herself from a rapist, mugger or other assailant.  Now I ask you, if that is the intended purpose of the Lautenberg amendment then do we need a representative like Frank Lautenberg?  If it is un-intended consequences of the amendment then why hasn’t Mr. Lautenberg presented legislation to repeal it or amend it? 

The above case is true (to the best of my ability to investigate it).  The law also provides no exception for our military or our law enforcement personnel.  Now no one needs an exemption if they are truly abusing their spouse but on the other hand if a pissed off wife calls the police because her cop husband stayed out late playing cards with the boys, and he knows someone has to go to jail, they have two kids at home and he decides to ‘man up’ and take the heat…he loses his job, and his ability to provide for the family.

This law has so much potential for abuse and has been used that way so many times, that it hasn’t been repealed is almost unfathomable to me.  It has been challenged in the courts but was upheld on appeal…this is just truly a travesty.

Oh and by the way, how many Federal Felons do you think we have walking the streets today because of this law?  Everyone that has ever been convicted of domestic abuse, no matter how minor.  Up to 10 years in prison and $250,000 in fines for owning or possessing a firearm after the misdemeanor conviction.  Oh yes, if it’s you, you are a federal felon…you just haven’t been caught yet.


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