Monday, March 21, 2011

ATF and Homeland Security

Homeland Security is in charge of our borders (org chart), doing a good job, bad job, no job at all, is all a matter for discussion but I would be remiss in my obligation in writing this at all if I didn't acknowledge there it is.

Having said that, don't you think they would be interested in the guns that another agency in the federal government are letting cross our southern border?

Why would the legislators in Washington be calling for the heads of gun show operators or gun store owners if in fact the ATF are letting more guns across the border than those targets are? I call the owners of gun stores and operators of gun shows targets because of the way some people are going after them. If you don't know what a target is just go to one of those gun stores or gun shows and you can buy as many as you want, without a background check (so far).

Now back on topic, why isn't Janet Napolitano screaming her head off about this, could it be that the ATF's 'investigation' is part and parcel of a bigger plan to open the borders, break the back of the United States economy and institute gun control.

Guns are a big problem for the government if the desire is to control everything, if the government wants to open the borders, and despite what the administration claims, they do. They have to rid the United States the ability to resist. I know that there are people that say ‘what good would your 9mm pistol do against the heavy firepower of the military?’ and to that I’d say take a look at what Afghans are doing with a few AK’s, grenade launchers and a few caves. They did it to the Russians and are now doing it to us.

The government is trying to open the borders and promote gun control through the UN small arms treaty, they are trying to do that through the ATF allowing guns across the border which escalates the violence at the border, and they are doing that through letting 84% of the 448,000 illegal immigrants caught last year, go un-prosecuted.

How do we want our country to look, this year, next year? If you have a vision of how you think it should look then you need to get involved. The Mexican Nationals coming into this country illegally do not want to assimilate into this country, they are loyal to Mexico and want to make this country part of Mexico. I for the life of me can't understand why they are that fiercely loyal to Mexico with the standard of living they have there but then I guess it isn't all because of our standard of living that I'm loyal to the USA.

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