Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Budget Cut Fight / Illegial Immigration

I've been ignoring my duties again, I've had a cold but that's just an excuse, my brain isn't processing the way it should.  I would give a couple of examples here but my brain isn't processing the way it should...see I can build in excuses as I go. 

Well enough BS.  I got into reading and watching some things that have been sent to me lately and have come to the conclusion that our country is nothing more than a big chess board to the idiots in congress.  We have the new Republicans in congress that want to cut a mere 51 billion dollars from the budget to extend the operation for another ??? weeks/months.  We have Democrats that want to let parts of the government shut down so they can blame the Tea Party Patriots and the freshmen congressmen, we have illegal immigrants that don't want to live in the United States, and we have government agency's doling out over 100 billion dollars a year to support illegal immigrants...hey guess what.

I've got a solution...since the illegals don't want to live in this country anyway, the Republicans want to cut 51 billion dollars from the budget, the Democrats don't want to cut the budget at all, lets do this.

Stop spending 100 billion to support illegals, the Republicans get their 51 billion (plus), the Democrats don't have to look bad to their base and the Mexicans living here and benefiting from our government handouts can go back to Mexico where they want to live.


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