Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wake up Again

I have taken months off from this blog.  Tired and working all the time has made me not want to think.  I know this has made most of us feel the same way.  I see meetup groups that have no leader that will be closed down soon (I will say that some are political meetups where the sponsor lost his race) but others are meetups that are still as relevant as they were when they were created.  I think the difference is that there was a fervour around the meetups before the mid-term elections and now that the next election isn't until 2012, we are dozing again (I know I have been). 

I went to a Tea Party West training for blogging and getting your message out on Saturday which got my juices flowing again.  I may not be any more articulate than I've ever been, I may not have anything you want to hear but thanks to Bea Talor and the US Patriots meetup group, I'm awake and back.

I would also like to mention a friend's new Blog site, Bettye Gilmore attended the training at the same time I did and she started a site called, she posted her first post today and I'm very excited for her.  Good going Bettye.

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